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Hiking trails in Gherdëina

In summer, numerous hikers reach Gherdëina and the Sella Pass. They are attracted by lots of hiking trails crossing Gherdëina.

Among the meadows dotted with fragrant mountain flowers, pastures packed with the placid sound of herds, and mountain peaks cut from the blue sky, there’s a wide choice of excursions suitable for all levels. From simple walks for the whole family to ascends that put on trial legs and resistance of the most hard-boiled walkers.

Owing to its location, Passo Sella Dolomiti Mountain Resort is a doorway to some of the most exciting hiking itineraries of Gherdëina. Indeed, you just have to put one foot out of the hotel to set out for the Langkofel or for the Sella Group.

A must for every hiker worthy of this name is a tour around the Langkofel. This “rundumadum” (all-around), as it is called in South Tyrol, will conduct you around this massif. Along the way, you will admire its peaks: the characteristic Plattkofel, the sharp Zahnkofel, the Innerkofler Tower, the evocative Fünffingerspitze, and other peaks of the Langkofel.

Let it be a clockwise tour or an anticlockwise one, it will last approximately six hours. But your effort will be rewarded by the beauty and variety of scenery that you’ll come across along your way.