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Cross-country skiing tracks in Gherdëina

Cross-country skiing is ideal for those who like listening to the snow crackling in the cocoon-like environment of the forest. Sounds muffled by the soft snow blanket covering the undergrowth. There’s only calmness all around, calmness that seems almost unreal.

Fast and agile, the skier slides among the trees with his elegant stride. Cross-country skiing gives unparalleled emotions to those who practice this sport and like staying far away from the chaos of crowded slopes.

There are lots of tracks for cross-country skiing in Gherdëina, just a few kilometers from the Sella Pass. They are tracks, outfitted both for beginners and for expert skiers, that allow for skiing with classic and modern techniques.

Dolomiti NordicSki, the biggest cross-country skiing carousel in Europe

Gherdëina houses a segment of Dolomiti NordicSki, the biggest cross-country skiing carousel in Europe. Almost 1000 kilometers of tracks for cross-country skiing, accessible with a unique ski pass, are constantly covered with snow, starting from December.

Each layout of the racetrack daily receives the upkeep necessary for ideal safety and usability conditions.