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Bar on Dolomites

Lots of opportunities to enjoy a small break

In the course of a long adventurous day, there’s always a need to take a small break – to get our wind, to fix the memories, to rejuvenate the mind and body, with a fresh drink or a snack. And if a day like this is lived amidst the splendor of the Dolomites, then a break is really necessary, because the things to be seen and done are countless.

For this reason, at Passo Sella Dolomiti Mountain Resort, we don’t only have one bar – we have four of them. One bar is located on the covered terrace, so that you can stay in a warm and cosy place if the weather is bad. Another one is situated upwards and outdoors, thus when it is hot, you can relax taking sun and admiring the Dolomites. The third bar is inside the hotel, and the last one is a small stand “In Sella” for all those who are short of time to stop.