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Art and museums in Gherdëina

Museums that narrate the story and the culture of Gherdëina are numerous. Those are the places that gather the testimonies of the past without forgetting to project themselves into the future of the territory.

Gherdëina Museum in Ortisei

It is the most important museum in the valley. Inaugurated in 1960, it contains numerous collections of all kinds. From collections of works of the local craftsmanship, to artworks of famous local painters. In the part dedicated to archaeology and palaeontology, one can see very interesting fossils and artefacts. The last section is dedicated to Luis Trenker – a mountaineer, an actor, a film director, and a real local celebrity.

Art 52

Art 52, inaugurated in 1970, is a permanent exposition of the Gherdëina craftsmanship, situated in the Congress Palace of Ortisei. This exposition contains the artworks narrating the story of this activity and showing the creativity and the inventiveness of the valley’s artisans.


This partnership of the Gherdëina artistic craftsmen was born in 1994, with the aim of promoting the works created on the territory, and of presenting various crafts to the big public. This group consists of over 40 artists, 30 of whom annually give life to an artistic exhibition that takes part in Ortisei.